Being an American, blessed to live in such an amazing country, has many benefits that most take for granted that others in the world envy. One of these benefits stems from our geographical location on this earth, and the fact that most of the world’s conflicts and wars have been fought on distance shores and foreign lands. Our soldiers, our heroes, leave home and travel far away to protect our way of life. Things like war and attacks rarely reach our shores, and when they do, they are kept relatively isolated.

So it is common place in our isolated society to honor our heroes, who travel half a world away to fight and protect our way of life. Moreover, while we honor these heroes, we acknowledge their exposure to hardships and the horrors that often coincide with war. Now we are faced with a new war, a new struggle that is not on some distant shore or battlefield, but in our very neighborhoods and towns.

This new struggle has reached every American’s life, and everyone is impacted by its existence. The COVID-19 crisis has reached not just our shores, but has crept into the every state, city, and neighborhood across our country. While the battle is not one being fought with guns, jets, and ships, it is inflicting damage on our country, much like a war, both economically and through the physical casualties of those who are exposed. The battlefield is here, and a different hero is fighting it than Americans are used to recognizing.

While the battlefield exists everywhere in this land, the war is being fought by the selfless individuals that day in and day out, willfully go where the exposure is the greatest, where the dead are being counted, and where the risk to their own lives and loved ones is the highest. These heroes wear a different kind of uniform, one that distinguishes them as Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Medical Technicians, Pharmacists, Medical Assistants, Techs, and Surgeons.

So while the news is bustling over the latest exposures and latest updates on the war, let us take a second and honor the heroes of this war and the constant sacrifices they endure on our behalf. Their tenacity in the face of such exposure, willing to go day-in and day-out to continue the fight, deserves the highest honor and praise, as any soldier who willingly continued to fight overseas. These are heroes worthy of our praise and honor, and these are heroes who deserve our constant prayers of support.

Thank you, thank you for all of your courage and sacrifice on our behalf. Thank you for fighting for my community and my family, thank you.