Where is my IRS check?


With the passage of the CARES Act by Congress and being signed by the President, citizens and families across this country are receiving stimulus checks. While some have already received their stimulus via direct deposit, many are left wondering “where is my IRS check?”


On your last filing of taxes (tax years 2018 or 2019), did you report an Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) above $75,000 (single), $150,000 (married), or $112,500 (Head of Household)?

If ‘YES’, then you may qualify for decreased value of a stimulus check, or not qualify for a stimulus check at all.
If ‘NO’, then you qualify for the stimulus check.


Have you filed taxes in the last two years (tax years 2018 or 2019)?

If ‘YES’, then you can check the following link to see where your check is.
If ‘NO’, then please go to the following link and submit for “non-filers” to let the IRS know how to send the money to you.


Possible Scenarios

#1: You have filed taxes in the last two years, but you always owed money and never submitted banking information for direct deposit, but you reported under the limit for the stimulus check.
Answer:  Your stimulus check will come in the mail to the last filed address on your taxes.


#2:  You have not filed taxes due to being on SSI, VA benefits, or Railroad Retirement benefits.
Answer:  File under the IRS link for “non-filers” so the IRS can adjust your stimulus to incorporate qualifying children and update your banking deposit information.


Look Out For

After your refund arrives (either direct deposit or by mail) the IRS will mail out to your last known tax reporting address a letter as confirmation of your receipt. If you receive this letter but did not receive the stimulus, please follow the directions in the letter to fix the situation and allow for your stimulus to be reset to the correct address or account.