SACRAMENTO – Assemblyman Steven Choi (R-Irvine) today announced that his measure, Assembly Bill 2494, which seeks to have the California State Universities (CSU) and Universities of California (UC) recognize veterans training and experience for college credit, passed through the Assembly Higher Education Committee.

Unknown too many, most state ran centers of higher learning do not recognize military training or experience for college credit. This action has contributed to thousands of veterans choosing to seek their higher education at private colleges instead, where they are more likely to receive credit for past training. This lack of understanding and recognition to training dramatically impacts veterans and their ability to complete and graduate from higher learning, as a majority enter college on average in their late 20’s and often married with children.

 “For far too long, California has fallen behind in recognizing the amazing training and experiences of veterans,” said Choi. “Our system, far out paced by the private sector, fails to recognize veterans who were trained in management, marketing, physical conditioning, electrical, and even mechanical engineering.”

This bill seeks to remedy these issues by making the CSU and UC’s re-examine their credit for prior learning. Specifically, the bill addresses credit for prior learning and the veteran’s use of the Joint Service Transcript as an acceptable transcript in the matriculation of credits when entering/transferring into a CSU or UC, thus ensuring that veterans do not have to take classes towards their degree that they may have already finished through their time in military service.

“When crafting this legislation, ensuring that veterans received credit, was the heart of the matter,” continued Choi. “I worked with the CSU and UC’s to make sure that what we sought out to do would not only succeed but would also fit within the mission and reputation of our amazing institutes of higher learning.”

AB 2494 will now go to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

Assemblyman Steven S. Choi serves the 68th District, which includes the Orange County cities of Anaheim, Irvine, Lake Forest, North Tustin, Orange, Tustin and Villa Park.