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Recession, economic downturns and hard times are no stranger to many of us in California. For the younger, the years surrounding 2009 and the recession stand as a reminder of those times, others might remember hard times from years past, like the gas shortages of the 1970s. This past week the governor issued and made public his budget for our great state, trying to address the economic recession that was caused by COVID-19 and the shutdown of almost every activity in California.
"Pass a resolution without haste in support of the Asian American residents of Orange County and denounce bigotry and acts of hatred."
"Nearly 30,000 children and spouses in California receive survivor’s benefits averaging $1,300 a month, and 90% of the recipients are over the age of 65, according to Choi’s office." 
LOS ANGELES (CNS) - An Orange County assemblyman today unveiled legislation to make military Survivor's Benefits tax-exempt in California, while three Southland senators announced a bill that would exempt military retirement pay from the state income tax. ``It is absolutely wrong that California taxes the meager financial support provided to the surviving spouses and children of our nation's heroes,'' said Assemblyman Steven Choi, R-Irvine. ``California is one of only two states that taxes this support as income.''