The world has changed dramatically in the last few months. Since the first American case of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) was reported on January 19th, there have been nearly 375,000 confirmed cases[1]  and more than 12,000 deaths in the U.S. By the time you’re reading this, tragically, those numbers will have undoubtedly increased. Many of us are afraid for our health and safety. That fear -- along with the need to comply with our shelter in place order -- has led Californians to stock up on essential items such as toilet paper and cleaning wipes. In the face of this public health crisis, no… read more
Being an American, blessed to live in such an amazing country, has many benefits that most take for granted that others in the world envy. One of these benefits stems from our geographical location on this earth, and the fact that most of the world’s conflicts and wars have been fought on distance shores and foreign lands. Our soldiers, our heroes, leave home and travel far away to protect our way of life. Things like war and attacks rarely reach our shores, and when they do, they are kept relatively isolated. So it is common place in our isolated society to honor our heroes, who travel half… read more